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Related article: hot ass!! PLEASE jerk my cock. Or let ME jerk it!! But I was in a sling
and couldn't move and no one in the crowd reached over to help me.
Then it came.
The fist spurt hit my chin, like a volcano exploding, but after that, the
lava just poured out. My balls contracted sending the sperm up in pulsating
gobs, one after the other. My cock jerked in response. The cum flowed and
flowed, making its way as gravity dictated down the underside of my shaft
to my balls, coating them with hot lava-cum. Even after the 5 orgasmic
throbs, the cum kept coming. Oozing out and flowing down my shaft. It was
pure white. And thick. And contrasted with the red of my cock.
I sagged in the sling. I was totally spent.
Mike quietly took a spoon and gathered up all the cum and put it in what
looked like a tapered laboratory tube.
"Anyone Nonude Preteen else wanna contribute?" I could vaguely hear him ask.
"Especially if you Nonude Preteen can't be here next week. It would be nice if you gave
him something to remember you by. Cum in the bottle. I'm gonna put it in a
freezer and make a devil's dick".
In nano seconds there was a line up guys who wanted to jerk into the test
I hope this isn't taking too long. There's only one more chapter to go.
Danny (
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 13:31:15 +0930
Subject: Cum Whore
It was one of my fantasies to be invited to a fancy dress party and go
dressed as Nonude Preteen a whore and it was finally coming true.
Richard & Amanda had been friends many years ago but we had grown apart and
did not see each other too often so it was a bit unusual to get the invite.
My wife Helen & I decided to go and when I told her of my intending costume
she assumed that I would not have the guts to go through with it.
On the day I took my time to get ready, I had a long bath and shaved my legs
etc. I put on nail polish on my toes and fingers then started to work on my
face. I used a bright blue eye shadow on the lower part of my eyes and
blended it up to silver. I applied the mascara and the lip stick last before
going through to the bedroom to get dressed.
I slipped on some black lace top stockings and a suspender belt a short
black skirt and a bright pink top. Last was the shoes, Helens feet were a
good size and a half smaller than mine so it was with difficulty that I
squeezed my feet in to them. They immediately felt crushing and
uncomfortable but I new I had to wear them as the heels made me look
"slutty" and completed the look that I wanted. I walked to our full length
mirror and took a look. From behind I could definitely pass for a woman but
although heavily made up my face still looked manly.
When Helen came through she could not believe what she was seeing. She
insisted that I don't go as I was as "these are people we know".
There was no way I was going to change now so she left the room to change
into her police woman's out fit. The problem I had now was the huge erection
that was bulging at the front of loose flowing skirt. When I quickly
masturbated to get some relief it did not take me long to spray my hot cum
over my beatiflly painted fingers and so I tucked my now limp dick back into
my G string and adjusted my self as best I could.
We were of to the party with Helen driving she kept saying "I can't believe
you would go out like this" I informed her that my only fear was getting
excited and the bulge showing. In jeans it's easily hidden but with a loose
skirt well its best not to think about it.
We were probably the last ones to arrive at the party, Amanda came up and
threw her arms around Helen and gave her a hug. "Please don't arrest me
officer I'll be good" she cooed.
"Oh who's the slut? What do we call you slut" she said as she walked over to
me. "What about Sally or Sassy suits you better, what do you think?"
"Sassy is fine with me" I said catching Helens disapproving look.
"Well you're not the only Slut here, let me introduce you your competition."
Said Amanda.
She took my hand and led me into a crowded room with people in various
costumes cheering and Nonude Preteen
wolf whistling as I entered. Helen stood behind me
truncheon out saying "That's enough of that" Every one laughed and continued
talking to each other.
Amanda led me over to three other girls dressed as sluts as was I. Only they
had real boobs and did not have the dripping dick between their legs that I
now had.
Some cum from before must have oozed out of my dick and now made my panties
feel wet and sticky I only hoped that it would not show through my skirt.
"This is Sassy, Sassy this is Janet, Irene & Abby" said Amanda.
The girls smiled at me "Do you cross dress often" asked Abby?
"No" I insisted "it's all I could come up with for tonight"!
"Well it suits you, you wear it well although you struggle to walk in heels"
said Janet.
I explained that the shoes were actually too small for me and killing my
feet to wear them when Irene replied "the sacrifices us girls must make eh"?
We all laughed.
The night wore on and a few of the guys made rude suggestions too us and I
could not help but notice a few Nonude Preteen looks that I was getting.
Amanda came back over too ask if we would participate in a game to see who
was the dirtiest slut amongst us. We would be asked to do certain things and
who ever did not complete them was eliminated. All the girls agreed so I
thought why not I can always pull out, although I was a bit apprehensive.
Firstly she asked us to apply lots of lipstick which we all did next our
wrists were tied together and we were led to the centre of the room where
the crowed had formed a circle.
Amanda produced a rubber life like dildo and said "First round. Down on your
knees girls & well he's a girl tonight so down on your knees all and see who
can deep throat this baby. The slut who can't swallow the deepest is
I thought well this is not too bad to I joined in and forced the dildo to
the back of my throat making my self gag.
A measurement was made of my lipstick mark and then the other girls took it
in turns to beat me.
"First out is... Irene a lousy attempt really. How do you propose to make
any Nonude Preteen
money on the streets if that's all you can manage." Said Amanda
Irene blushed and said "At least I am only pretending to be a whore!"
"Never mind next round is lets see who has Nonude Preteen the biggest hole." And she
produced a but plug with a tail connected to a squeeze ball. "I am going to
insert this and see who can take the most pumps". She proceeded to blow it
up to demonstrate and we saw the narrow plug expand like a balloon.
"Hang on I said how I can do that" I asked.
"You will just have to manage you do have one hole available don't you" I
was told forcibly by Amanda.
I didn't want to proceed but the Abby & Janet were game so I thought why
not. The drink was stating to blow away my inhibitions.
Abby went first and lay down on the coffee table covered in pillows, she
slipped of her panties and the guys all jostled for a look.
Amanda who had lubed up the plug slipped it in to her moist looking vagina
too Nonude Preteen the cheers of the crowd.
She counted the squeeze of the pump and reached eight before Abby started to
moan with pain "Take it out! Take it out quick its killing me." She cried
and Amanda let her have some instant relief and deflated the plug.
"That's Eight to beat, who's next" she said
Janet went next and reached only five before she protested and demanded
Amanda to stop.
I was getting turned on immensely and Nonude Preteen handed noticed my dick making a tent
pole in the front of my skirt. Unfortunately Amanda noticed and lifted my
skirt for the crowd to see. I tried to turn away but she said" Ah Ah its
your turn now little bitch. Assume the position"!
I lay down on my tummy and pulled my skirt up for her to see. She pulled my
G string to one side and slide the plug in to my ass.
"That went in a little too easy, I bet he's been fucked before" and she
proceeded to blow up the plug.
She made six pumps before I demanded she stop.
"You're through to the next round just you and Abby competing for head slut.
Bad luck Janet your hole mustn't be as slack as these whores".
I was amazed at what I had just done. Here I was in front of a group of
strangers dressed as a woman, with them staring at me as I allowed my self
to be humiliated.
For the deciding challenge Amanda's dog, Rex was led into the room. There
was a lot of nervous muttering from the crowd that was waiting to see what
was demanded of us.
"Okay the winner will be the one that can satisfy poor old Rex here. He has
been tormented by the bitch next door that is on heat. Sassy you're up
first" Said Amanda.
I teetered forward my feet were aching now from being cramped for so long. I
was thinking I'll just give him a hand job and be done with it.
I kneeled down and called Rex over and he proceeded to jump all over me. I
stood up again and he latched on to my leg pumping furiously. I could feel
his wet doggie cock slamming against my stockings and making it all slimy.
I was getting really turned on by this and forgetting where I was reached
down and started stroking his cock.
Before I new it I was on all fours with my mouth inches away from his huge
dick giving him a hand job.
"Suck it, Suck it, Suck it" said the crowed and I decided to do it.
I closed my mouth around his cock and let him pump back and forward.
I could immediately taste his salty cum and I licked and stroked him until
he spurted all over my face and down my blouse.
Abby refused to follow suit so I was crowned the winner and was offered $100
to be Rex's bitch for the rest of the night.
Why should I refuse after what I had been through? So I lay on the pillows
and allowed him to mount me. There was no messing around, as soon as his

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